Radio Nopal has reestablished a residency for those interested in expanding their interests in the development of their own radio-related proposals. This edition is addressed to people who are interested in becoming permanent residents of Mexico City, using their own experiences as a model to question the differences between tourists and travelers, experimenting the traversal, sensory relation with the city, searching for empirical cultural differences, and inviting oneself to question the reality and role of society with respect to a traveler as a migrant. 


Espectrodelespectro, Radio Nopal & Matraca presents N3X02 (Nexodos)

N3XO2 is a sound focused residence in the epicenter of Mexico City with a duration of 1 month. Our objective is to work as a medium, door and / or bridge of contacts, exchanges, and possibilities with the different agents and creatives workers of the community and musical medium focused on the local urban / alternative bass genre.

The dimensions in which the resident will be working are Radio Nopal station, the Mixing and Recording studio N3x02 and the City itself. Also a series of activities will be booked alongside his work in progress in the studio, a weekly program on Radio Nopal, and the presentation of the resident live from the same space in Colonia San Rafael, interviews in different important radio stations in the city and gigs inside and outside the Mexico City.

For the radio program, the resident is encouraged to produce and document sound material with special emphasis on urban contexts, its relationship with speech and low frequencies. The discourse acts as a device to deconstruct and re-contextualize our different visions and experiences from the musical task.


Name of resident : Manolis Sueuga 

Bay Area, California, USA 


Sueuga Kamau is an artist from Oakland, California composed of Manolis Sueuga. While producing beats for reggaetonerxs of Neoperreo and collaborating with vocalists such as La Favi, Sueuga released ‘Grieta’, their first solo EP on Terror Negro Records in 2019. The project received acclaim on several platforms; “Grieta” was highlighted as a promising new track on Resident Advisor for the month of April, and “Ritmo Demoniaco” was featured as #1 on Remezcla’s weekly top releases for the week of April 26. The project received praise on Couvre x Chefs, who credited Sueuga Kamau with “establishing the identity of a new wave of producers in the Bay Area.”  In 2020, Sueuga Kamau released “Dembow y Sexo” with La Doña, which was featured on the HBO special Insecure.

The following year, Sueuga Kamau launched “1973” with vocalist La Favi under Argentina’s Hiedrah Club de Baile. The project sought to explore the parallels between the terror and anxiety of 1973—a year that for many Latinos is remembered for the military coup that removed Salvador Allende, marking a new period in the history of South America—and 2020. The project received acclaim from organizations across the global experimental music community including XLR8R, Dj Mag, and Sueuga released mixes with Rinse FM and Noods Radio, shortly following the project’s release.


CDMX 2021