“Los árboles tienen raíces; los hombres y las mujeres, piernas. Y con ellas cruzan la barrera de la estulticia delimitada con alambradas, que son las fronteras; con ellas visitan y en ellas habitan entre el resto de la humanidad en calidad de invitados”.

(Steiner 2011)

Radio Nopal has reestablished a residency for those interested in expanding their interests in the development of their own radio-related proposals. This edition is addressed to people who are interested in becoming permanent residents of Mexico City, using their own experiences as a model to question the differences between tourists and travelers, experimenting the traversal, sensory relation with the city, searching for empirical cultural differences, and inviting oneself to question the reality and role of society with respect to a traveler as a migrant. 

Last year we had residents from Columbia, Peru, and Monterrey who made interesting sonoral prompts  like radio drama: “Technology as Ritual” was the unifying theme. The site of Radio Nopal was integral in their development.

This year we opened the call to be a part of the 2019 residency. We offer an open space for residents to convene and develop their work between a diverse set of disciplines. They will spend a month creating a radio project in Mexico City.

This announcement is addressed to future permanent residents of Mexico City. These are people that are planning to reside beyond the month of the residency and whose practice fluctuates between art and communication, interested in working with the language of radio, generating content and radio programs, those of which will be directed and broadcasted by Radio Nopal.


The history of Mexico is populated by the word diversity. It’s based on its geography and people and can easily be understood by any journy made through its immense territory. Mexico was a strategic point during the colonial period, a country rich in natural resources, which ultimately lead to the diaspora of exiled Middle Easterners, Spainiards, Russians, and Chileans (including a population of Americans) which is clear evidence of a country welcoming new culture, evidenced within its own constitution and Article 30. It is a multi-ethnic nation enriched by its original population and immigration. 

Today, however, it is worth asking where the historical memory of all this has gone. If Mexico remains a major recipient of immigrants, why does Haitian trade in Tijuana seem so out of context? Why is it amazing to discover the automotive boom of the Bajío by the Japanese? Why is it so surprising to visit Hidalgo and witness so much Venezuelan and Italian activity? Why is the migrant caravan so disconcerting? Does the cosmopolitan effervescence of Mexico City seem unique?

At this point, however, this raises certain questions about diaspora itself. Setting aside moral, social and economic arguments the question remains about what the positive impact could mean.

With this in mind, the 2019 Radio Nopal Residency invites all those alligned with artisitc ambition and humanism to present their proposals focused on migration or diaspora, understanding the migrant experience to be a positive personal and collective experience, with the desire to be established not temporarily, but permanently in Mexico City. The residency proposes that the residents themselves are an experimental subject for the development of a proposal that covers the aforementioned topics, questioning their own experience to arrive at radical assertions.


Resume / CV
Project Proposal
Passport Copy

Residence and Housing

Travel to Mexico City must be arranged by participants themselves. Radio Nopal is independently run and does not have government support. The residency costs 8,000 MXN (400 USD) and includes room and board. Those selected will be warmly welcomed with an apartment specifically chosen to accommodate their needs, just located a few blocks from Radio Nopal in the San Rafael neighborhood.

Please send your proposals to before the 1st of September, 2019.